The story behind Danna Marie

The story behind Danna Marie

Victoria Thomas January 19, 2021

I want to share my back story on how and why I started my shop.
I’ll summarize it, it is hard to say long story short. 

I use to watch my Mammaw sew when I was younger and I wanted to learn. She wouldn’t let me until I got crocheting down path. I don’t have much memory on how much she taught me with sewing. But I saved my chore money to buy my first brother sewing machine around junior high. I started to buy the blocks of precut fabric to make things. I truly thought I was good at it but looking back I am glad people actually bought stuff from me, probably just to make me feel like I did good. I believe that was my motivation to keep sewing. I kept sewing on and off for quiet a few years after I married and even then I still was not very good. This was in 2011/2012.

I took a break from sewing until about 2016. My second son was about 1-2 years old at the time. I researched and found patterns and fabrics online to start sewing my 2 sons some clothing. I also made some girls clothing. I loved it even though it took me 3-4 days to make one piece. I decided to open a shop called sewtique. I wanted it to be only boys items so I stopped sewing all the ruffles and started adding boy clothing.
I made tons of clothing. I hardly sold anything. I did live sales, markets, etc. It never picked up. But I kept on for about 1 1/2 years. I finally closed it.

Then soon after I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl in 2018. I immediately looked for patterns for knit clothing. I wanted to make her all the things. I also started hoarding fabric because I loved it all. When she was born and started wearing my clothing I had lots of people tell me I should start selling them. I loved to sew and I really wanted to sew for others but wasn’t sure how it would do since my last shop didn’t make it.

Something told me to do it. That someone was God. So I went for it. I researched everything to know about getting my name out there and to make sure my clothing was as professional as possible.
November 11, 2019
I opened my group, looked for reps, added all my family and friends and asked them to add moms that had kids. This time I decided to order fabric and let everyone decide which size and style they wanted. It took off. And that’s what led me to where I am at now.

I can say it has all been because of God.

Story behind the shops name & my new logo

My daughter Danna Marie Thomas was named after someone very special to my husband. Her name is Danna. She made a huge impact on his life in the time he knew her. My husband knew he would always name his future daughter after her.
Danna is also named after me. My middle name is Marie.
So my shop name is named after my daughter and has great meaning to it.

My new brand symbol is a pinecone. I wanted something that had meaning. I remembered my Mammaw always walking around finding pinecones to decorate. She would even have us stop on the backroads at times to get a pinecone. So I am incorporating that into my brand.

I hope that somehow this also inspires you. ❤️